We are planning an adventure by which we aim to raise £1 Million for children with special needs and their families. How? By undertaking a record breaking 25,000 mile journey across the width and length of North and South America in a 1930s Austin 7. The cost of the adventure will be borne by ourselves so that all the monies raised will be used for charitable purpose.

What are we trying to do?

We will drive a 1930's Austin Seven from New York via Alaska to Tierra del Fuego returning via Montevideo. This is a journey of approximately 25,000 miles, almost equivalent to circumnavigating the planet.

We wish to create as much interest in the project as possible; with the purpose of raising a substantial amount (our aim is £1 million or more) for Children with special or additional needs and their families. We intend to do this as bespk (bringing extra to special kids).

We are looking to ally ourselves to a small number of high profile Local, National and International Charities. We are keen to make working relationships with large and small companies and individuals to promote the adventure.

We will fund the costs of the journey ourselves, but aim to use the adventure to generate interest and funds.  

Due to global recession, government policy and cut backs in services it has become more difficult  for children with special needs and their families to obtain the help and support that they need.  All of the monies raised will be used to provide the resources that are no longer available from other sources to enable the child/family to develop the full potential for life and living whilst helping to lead as normal a life as practical.


The preparations of the car and our own expenses will be found by ourselves with the help and generosity of others.

The promotion of the Adventure via a Web site (bespk.com and bespk.org.uk) offers the best mechanism of publicising the Adventure. Links will be provided to Face book and Twitter. This and the presence of a News Blog on the Websites will encourage others involvement and support.

We shall seek, with others help, discussions and links with Travel Channels and Television programme/Film makers in the hope of finding an interested party(ies) who would wish to promote the public's awareness of the project. This should lead to advertising opportunities and through these the possibility of sponsorship/fundraising/discounted costs.

The media both at a Local, Regional, National and International Level will be interested in the project and approaches to them will be necessary. Additionally further more specific groups will be interested viz, the motoring clubs, organisations and the relevant Charitable Organisations

In addition approaches to all and any kinds of businesses for gifts/donations/support will be made. These might include Shipping or Cruise companies wishing to help get the car initially to the USA and latterly back again. There will be the option of organising any number of events (charity auctions, Balls), associations (with for example the Brum franchise).

2012 is the 90th anniversary of the original Austin Seven that this Adventure would provide a remarkable opportunity to promote the Charity side of the trip. Austin Sevens were made under license in Germany, France Japan and the USA. Some of the route currently planned for Central and South America will follow that used by John Coleman when he drove a 1925 Austin Seven from Buenos Aires to New York in 1959 (see Coleman's Drive)

Links to the Historic Motoring Clubs and Societies in the UK, USA, Alaska Central and South America may be forthcoming with help from members in the UK  and via the Websites. Similarly the use of Twitter and Face book may provide useful links and possibilities.


Who are we ?

We are Guy Butcher and Eunice Kratky

Both of us have recently retired, having spent most of our professional lives working with children, particularly those with special and additional needs.  We both still have lots of energy and wish to continue to support these vulnerable children and their families.

We hope this crazy mad adventure offers both of us the chance to continue to do  just that.  

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