The American List of Many Helpers

Mostly in alphabetical order and always out of date; here are but some of the many who helped us in our Adventure, to whom thanks!  Is not enough.

Ron Ager, European Autoworks, Bellingham; who pointed us in the right direction for the spares. Applied Industrial Technologies, Bellingham who helped me make sense of bearings, Loctite and organised their ordering and delivery. Robert Bauer, Classic Oil Supply; the Morris Lubricants Agent in the USA who in spite of seemingly inconsistent support from the UK came up trumps with oil supplies in various places at often short notice. Joyce Beelman, Bellingham; who initially thought we might be a couple of drug dealers trying to arrange a drop but who agreed to let us stop over at her home for nearly two weeks whilst we sorted out the car. Great fun and an insight into American home life. Bob and Charlotte Brandon, Butler, Pennsylvania; the consummate American Austin/Bantam font of knowledge; who welcomed us into a very busy day. When asked for help; came back with helpful advice. Chris and Michelle Bamford, Edmonton; our first meeting was at Wiscombe Hill Climb Devon, England 2012 for seconds. We were invited into their world with immeasurable kindness and generosity. Exceptional people and their friend Jerry. They continue to be increadible supporters for this cause. Keith Cox, Autobahn, Bellingham; we needed a press; you've got it. No car; you can have Dad's. You need parts; let me take you to the Guys who can. Amazing! Lowell Miller and Barbara Melson, Seattle/New York; who made delivery of Oils and Spokes possible. Then shared great kindness in so very many ways; including setting up the meeting with Michael Craft. Jason Shackelford, of Stingray AutoRepair, Seattle; an oil change without charge. Michael Andrews  LA, who invited us to the Automobile Driving Museum in LA, gave us directions on the Freeway which proved very exciting, where we spent an interesting afternoon; the highlight of which was seeing the 1885 Benz replica fired up and running. Candice his wife then spent time helping us with our Spanish (I was a bit of a failure at this). And so much more. Michael Craft, Seattle. The Official Photographer for the Le May Motor Museum, Tacoma. Who made time for us at the Space Needle and then arranged a visit to the Museum to help our Cause. Nate Jones Tires, Longbeach, this amazing man took on the balancing of the new tyres at short notice and then entertained both Steve McCarthy and I with amazing stories of his adventures in MotorSport. Renee Crist, Collection Manager LeMay America's Car Museum. With Michael Craft made a magical day at LeMay and continues to help. Ron or Roy or Ray who has the garage in Teslin, where we went to borrow a jack once we had found broken spokes. He wouldn't take anything for his trouble and made a donation. Ron and Wendy, in Loreto who drove past in their 1928 Model T as we arrived at the hotel in Loreto. We stayed a week with them learning Spanish servicing the car and sharing friendship. Steve McCarthy, LA the Editor of ACE Magazine of Autobooks and Aerobooks;  who wrote amusing articles of our trip, arranged a place to balance the wheels, source oil filters and gave me a conducted tour of LA and its environs as we effected all of these tasks. Steve Talbott, LA who we met at an early morning hot rod meet and then took us to another event that was simply breath-taking.  Tina Van Curen,  Autobooks and Aerobooks, Burbank, California. Who invited us to visit the shop, who helped source maps of Central and South America, arranged a trip to Jay Leno's cars, contacts in Central and South America and so much more. And her husband Chuck. Vic and Linda Groah, Tulare who very generously took us in and allowed us to have delivered all the components to enable the completion of the 10,000 mile service. Vic invited his motoring friends from Tulare and Visalia to help in this task. They changed tyres, helped with inspecting the rear wheel bearing and many other chores too numerous to mention. There was a very generous sharing of each other's cars. Then the Ladies put on an incredible spread to feed the weary workers. Thanks yo' all


The List of Many Helpers in the UK



 (In Alphabetical order, continually growing; but not always up to date)
Adrian Linscott; one of the cleverest engineers, auto electricians and generous good friend,  Andrew Green;  the friend who is always there with a wise answer when needed,  Ark Racing, Nick Beere, who helped with the starter motor showing great patience and incredible generosity,  Armada Glass,  Saltash, for all the glass, Austin Reproduction Parts, Willie McKenzie; for all the parts that no one else had,  Austin Seven Components David Cochrane; spares, help and so much more, BOC Lloyd Phillips, for welding supplies, Bristol Batteries Plymouth who sourced the largest 12v batteries with great generosity, Chris Gould; long term friend with wise ideas and a great Austin Seven Advocate, County Austin 7 Tony Betts, Austin Seven Spares, Cornwall  Cash Saltash, John who unlocked my phone when no one else could, David Morris Race Preparation; David Morris; the greatest, most patient mechanic ever Dirk MacFarlane;  Factor 8 who helped us get the idea off the ground, Eldreds Auctioneers, Plymouth; Antony Eldred; who made it all possible Elgamec, Aldershot; shot peening of the steering parts at no charge to us, Fenix Carriages, Taunton. Spring Makers Mark Broadbent/Peter Andrew; expertise, wisdom and much more, Gibbs Performance, Justin just across the road with some of the twiddly bits, Hugh Gregg; who believes in the madcap adventure and is a great friend, Holmsdale Austins; Tony Leslie; a very good, patient and kind person, James Weildon, wheel builder and traveller who knows, JWS Welding supplies, Plymouth, Mark for being just around the corner with all the welding supplies, Laser Industries, Mike Palmer  for the stainless steel strip to fit the rear petrol tank, Longstone Tyres, Dougal Cawley for help in tyring the car and so much more,  John Barlow Spares; who has listened & offered sage advice and encouragement, John Sutton; whose wisdom and friendship have always been behind the project, Ken Burdekin; the paint specialist who listened, advised and listens and advises,  Magneto Magician; Adrian Gorvin; who accepted and took on the magneto rebuilds, MAW Solutions, Sussex for electric cooling fans and helpful advice, Mercury Vintage Services, the Austin Seven Manual Susan Woodrow, the wonderful how to do workshop manual without which not much of this would have been practical. Morris Lubricants, Shewsbury Adrian Hill & Bruce McCune for patient help in Oil choices and then supplying all the oils whilst in the UK, Mr Sticker, Saltash Chris & Jon for the ideas,the flags, the flyers and the stickers and kindness beyond measure, Namrick, Brighton, for plated fixings, nuts and bolts,  Nick Champion;  a chance meeting, a friend, a great help, Performance Tyres Plymouth, Don and Tim who always helped with fixing the tyres,   Peter Tunley, Motor Coach Trimming Plymouth for an  amazing job beautifully executed; Pigsty Racing, Alex Myall; for the courage to take the project on and support, Pressure Lines, Plymouth, Steve, for all the plumbing bits needed for air and petrol, Power Transmission South West, Nick Wood, for belts and things,  Rayson's Radiators, Taunton  Martin Rayson; who placed the first core,mended the holed radiator and then replaced the core whilst I waited, Saltash Mobility Ricky Baboolall, the next door neighbour from heaven, Spinning Wheels Exhaust Systems, Graham Parsons who made the exhaust system with the car on a trailer in December whilst I waited; amazing! Steve and Julia Watts; wisdom, friendship and practical skills to see this thro', The Starter Motor & Alternator Company, Garry Warne who did everything on the box and so much more  Surplus Supplies, Newark Mike Peters for stainless nuts and bolts and endless help and advice,   Tamar Metal Fabrication Ltd., Andy Lang, for coming to our rescue on the back axle and so much more, Tamar Valley Motoring Centre; Colin Bird for oils and liquids, The Austin Seven Workshop; Dave Williams, Austin Seven Spares, The Bristol Austin Seven Club, Brian Haines, Ron Hayhurst;  the spares parts for the back axle and then tutorials on how to build a rear axle, The Weary Friar Pillaton, for sustainance, good food and great kindness, Transglobal Logistics UK, Will Pocock who was very kind and patient in our endeavours to get the car into the USA, Trewarthas, Gregory and Doidge, Callington for so many odd bits and pieces, Vivid  Web Tim Gregg; Web design, support and immense patience,  Vince Leek, Inspiration, support, friendship and wisdom, Wilf Dawes Tyres, Saltash Lizzie, for understanding and great generosity Woolies, Trimming supplies, Zad Computers; Ziad Dairi;  the websites, the domain names, computer support.


Raffle Prizes offered at the Concert were donated by; PC World, Plymouth, Robertson's Cafe & Pizzeria, Tavistock, rocking beads, Tavistock, Rowes Honda Plymouth, The Weary Friar, Pillaton. Thanks for helping to raise more than £500.

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