Preparation: To Do

1. Chassis - A short chassis which has been shortened from a 1938 Ruby It will be modified by boxing in the front forging, adding a plate at the rear of the chassis to tie in the rear spring mountings and an additional flange on the fore and aft chassis member.  All currently riveted joints to be MIG welded for additional strength.

2. Chassis to be cleaned repainted with chassis paint.

3. Springs - These will be standard Ruby type but with zinc interleaves and bound with cord after fitting additional spring clamps. The intention is to assess the current springs refurbishing if possible. To have manufactured a new main front leaf and one or two main rear leafs to carry as spares.

- Spring shackles/bushes (front)
- Spring pin and bushes (back)
- Zinc interleaves
- Additional spring clips
- Cord binding? This might prevent early detection of spring problems?

4. Front axle - A late semi-Girling axle to be fitted with oversize king pins if required.  Hubs will be the Ruby type and the bearings will be the sealed type with the felt washer and seal in situ.

To do /acquire remanufactured steering arm, hubs, long brake levers, Wheel bearings (sealed type), king pins, track rod ends, relined brake shoes, brake cables (late type with clevis pin ends), repaired fettled Girling brake actuators, check concentricity of drums.

5. Rear axle - A two piece wide axle with 5.125 axle ratio

To do /acquire new halfshafts with long tapers and suitable outer  hubs with sealed bearings brake drums (check for concentricity) reline brake shoes, brake shoe springs.

6. Brakes - These will be semi-Girling modified, as discussed; to fully floating shoes.  Compensation of the brakes will be from side to side using balance bars and they will be operated by Bowden cable at the front? It may be worth considering front to back compensation as fitted to the Maclachlan Special as this allows for greater mechanical advantage on the from using longer levers.

7. Wheels and tyres - Wheels will be 17 inch Austin 7 rebuilt and stove enameled not powder coated and the tyres will be 400 x 17 Armstrong.

To do /acquire 5 17" wheels, 5 tyres/tubes.

8. Steering box - A Chummy type short column with a dished steering wheel for preference.  The control levers to incorporate the horn button.

To do /acquire steering column, steering wheel, control levers, horn button, dashboard mounting bracket.

9. Radiator - An early Chummy type, steel cowl painted black.  The radiator will be re-cored to give maximum cooling. An sealed overflow tank to be fitted like a modern sealed system.

10. Gearbox - A three speed with a high second gear and vertical speedometer drive.  The constant mesh and second gear dogs to be joined to avoid the problem of the key shearing on the bottom layshaft. Attention to be given to the spigot bearing between the output shaft and input shaft to avoid jumping out of gear.

11. Instruments

- A Smiths PA speedometer calibrated to suit the axle and tyre configuration.
- An oil pressure gauge or button. Switch panel to suit.
- CAV type magneto cut out switch.
- Fuel tank pressure gauge.

12. Headlamps - Miller sealed beam lights mounted on the front wings

13. Fuel tank - Conventional Chummy type scuttle mounted A rear tank to be fitted.  The use of an electric pump to be considered. The tanks to be capable of being pressurized by means of a hand pump and with a sealed filler cap This offers an option if the generator fails.

14. Battery - Two 6 volt MGB type batteries one fitted as per Chummy and the second fitted under the drivers seat.  These can then be used for 12 volts or tapped off for 6 volts if required.

To do/acquire

15. Charging system - Ideally an alternator would provide the best option.

- use a Dihatsu Charade as Vince Leek did on Pekin Paris.
- use an Alton alternator housed in dynamo housing suitably modified
- use a conventional Austin dynamo modified to deliver 12v

16. Voltage regulator - A 12 volt regulator to suit the proposed generator

17. Engine - To be built in a Magneto crankcase with a 11/2%u201D Phoenix splash feed crankshaft and Phoenix con rods.  This will involve some machining internally to gain clearance for the big ends. The camshaft will be modified to give an output of approx. 25bhp. Cam followers to be standard radius.  Various camshaft designs are available but the manufacture or re%u2013profiling needs to be of a high standard. Timing gears to of standard type but carefully checked for mesh.

- Cylinder block to be 10 studded (?) for extra security.
- A cylinder block with minimum overbore is needed or possibly one of the new ones currently being manufactured?
- Pistons to be decided but the new slipper pistons as used in the Maclachlan Special are recommended.
- The valves to be standard size with the inlets having  30 degree seats.
- Oil pump to be standard size.
- The sump to be deep, ?of modern manufacture but it is important to make sure it is baffled.  A possible option is to make steel plate to replace the sump gauze as this has the advantage of stiffening the crankcase.


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