The Project Begins

Having sat down with John Sutton to draw up a specification for the car to undertake the journey I chose to show this to a number of friends in the know and whose opinion I respect.

A few weeks later Vince Leek rang to say that he thought that he had found the car described in the JS/GB spec. It was for sale through Ray Hood in Wiltshire on behalf of Peter Bradley.

If I understand the story correctly VJ started life as a Ruby four seater tourer. It had been bought as a wreck by a welder who had shortened the chassis to 6'3" but kept the original Girling type axles. A Chummy body made by RTC was fitted and to all intents and purposes it looked to the casual observer like a 1928 Chummy.


Having run VJ around for a year or so it is now completely dismantled and all the parts are cleaned prior to further detailed inspection, cleaning, repair, repainting and reassembly. The intention is to reassemble the chassis engine gearbox back axle before refitting the body to reassure myself that it all goes together before repainting the body and wings.

Currently Alex at Pigsty Racing is preparing a quote for the engine work (details to be appended later), the Austin supply companies are costing the parts for a complete chassis rebuild. All have been extremely kind and patient when I rang to explain what we are trying to do. The responses have varied from; I don't have the resources for sponsorship; buy the parts at cost and if/when you go I will offer you a refund through to we will sort out the money side later with a review of my price list and a discount according to my profit margin and a blanket 20% off everything.  It is very reassuring that all are committed to help which makes the adventure much easier to plan and execute. It would be good to keep everyone on board. Hence orders have been placed with a number of suppliers.

Currently the intention is to rebuild the chassis with all new parts; carry a few really essential parts and source anything required from the UK if necessary on the journey.

Today is 22 April 2012 and we are reviewing the site for the car is now up and running.

An MOT was obtained in early February this year. The tester found something that I had missed so that was good. We have had a few teething problems which include; a misfire due faults developing in the magnetos after their rebuilds. A coil conversion confirmed the source of the irregular running and the Magnetos are restored to good health. Over rough roads the axles were bottoming out and so the springs were removed and reset. This also in part contributed to erratic steering. Peter Still advised me of the cause and a cure. This has transformed the car.

So we have completed 2,5000 miles; only ten times this and we will have completed the adventure.


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