Journey Route

The Route with a Start Date in July 2012

Why the delay? When this was written;. before Christmas 2011 I had not understood that my son really wanted us to be around for his graduation. So we put the trip on hold; but he, Joseph, was told we'd wait around on condition that he was elected to the Presidency of the Students Union in Bangor in 2012. Oh and he had to get a First in History. As the proud father I can advise that he has managed both; so the wait was worth while. And we would, in hindsight, never have been ready.

In summary; Eastern Seaboard USA, Alaska, Western Seaboard USA, Central America, Western Seaboard of South America, Tierra del Fuego, Buenos Aires/Montevideo.

Our start point to which we have organised to ship the car is Baltimore. The dream was to try and persuade one of the large shipping lines (P&O or  is Cunard or an other shipping company) to transport the car (and us). Unsurprisingly we were not successful with this. Health and Safety!

Our initial thoughts were that we would travel from New York; then the problem of crossing and re crossing the USA/Canadian border became an issue. This was eventually resolved by calling the USA Embassy in London who advised a formal application for a visitors Visa would simplify these issues. So we had an intriguing afternoon at the Embassy with 300 others. We now have a visitors visa valid for 10 years. 

Current thinking favours; Chicago, Minneapolis, Calgary, Alaska Highway, Ketchican via a ferry to Bellingham (between Vancouver and Seattle) and along the western seaboard to San Diego. We would also like to see places including Yosemite and the Grand Canyon which are not strictly on the route. Crossing into Mexico at Tijuana before travelling down Baja California to La Paz from where we can take a ferry across to Mazatlan on the Mexican mainland.

The details of the next bit are decidedly vague but one option would be to follow the route taken by John Coleman as described in 'Coleman's Drive' (Faber and Faber 1962) through Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

The alternative will be to follow or base the route on that described by Michael Boyney in 'From Alaska to Tierra del Fuego' (Bucher 2008).

Once we arrive in Panama we will have to enship the car into Colombia. Off down the west coast of South AMerica with the hope that we might visit the Galapagos Islands, Cusco/Macchu Picchu La Paz, Lake Titicaca.

Once we arrive at Tierra del Fuego it will be a matter of turning left and heading to either Buenos Aires or Montevideo.    The choice depends on many factors including the ease of exporting the car back to the UK.

More details will be included in this section according to advice feedback and further research.

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