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1,000 miles and we're stilling rolling along

Posted on Saturday, 4th August 2012 by Eunice

It has been a week of adjusting to perpetual motion and not much else apart from eating and sleeping.  We are keeping up quite a rapid pace in order to make it to Alaska before the weather changes.  Since leaving Pittsburgh, we have travelled across the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and are now in Minnesota.  The journey has been very interesting and picturesque, passing through acres of farmland, mostly maize crops, with pretty homesteads.  The land became very flat as we travelled west through Ohio, but has since become more undulating - a bit more of a challenge for the car, especially as the weather is getting hotter.  We had a rather challenging time in Chicago, trying to make sense of the masses of road signs and complete sensory overload, with traffic, trains and 'planes.  We had hoped to visit the centre, but were too tired.    Yesterday we crossed the Mississippi (it wasn't quite wider than the Nile, but almost!) and drove into the delightful town of Dubuque.  We also completed our first 1000 miles.  The people we have met have been wonderful and most encouraging.  Thanks to all of you, especially those who have made a donation.

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