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A Little Update

Posted on Wednesday, 8th June 2011 by Eunice

It might seem like not much has happened since the website went live.

Well we have not written much is nearer the truth.
Eunice has been very busy chasing up contacts at the Charities for whom we hope to fund raise. Their response is very positive and we feel much more positive on this score now.

At the workshop Guy has started to reassemble the chassis; the painting is progressing well and we are just about to start undercoating prior to painting the body and wings with coach paint.

There has been a mixed response to the website with many favourable comments. Some criticism about layout and content has been offered and we are in the process of taking the comments on and correcting the obvious errors.

Please feel free to help us develop the site and offer any comments both good and not so good to help us in our endeavours. Thank you!

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