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Amazing Edmonton

Posted on Sunday, 2nd September 2012 by Eunice

We have continued our journey in a westerly direction, with one overnight stop, not worthy of a mention, except for its awfulness.  It was therefore with great relief that we met up with Chris Bamford and his friend Jerry, who very kindly showed us the way into Edmonton.  Eunice got a chance to be driven in a car with space and to view the Austin from afar.  It is even more obvious how much it wobbles and moves when passed by large trucks.

Chris and his lovely wife Michelle made us extremely welcome in their home, showed us around the city and all it has to offer  (Muttard Conservatory, Fort Edmonton, the streetcars of the city to mention but a few.  It even had its own Fringe running whilst we were there). We also got to spend time with their friends and family.  Chris has an even greater love affair with old cars and we were driven in a 1924 Model T and a 1912 Kissel Kar - Guy got to drive these too, having more success with the latter.  We were also introduced to the Edmonton Antique Car Club, a great bunch of people.

Chris had also organised for media attention and we spent half a day being interviewed by the paper. radio and television,  for which we were most grateful, but somewhat taken aback.  After three glorious days of not being in the car it was regrettably time to resume our journey.  The publicity works, as masses of people waved and hooted as we drove out of city.   

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