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And Now the Car is Back in the UK

Posted on Tuesday, 6th August 2013 by Eunice

Some of you will be aware that the car returned to the UK towards the end of June; in time to miss a visit to the Bristol Austin 7 Rally. We had a wonderful day meeting many of the Great Supporters who had been there for us during the Adventure. Thank you BA7C!

I submitted the Austin for an MOT having only changed the vital fluids. The tester frightened himself doing the brake test as his size 13's also hit the accelerator; which did not help the Tapley figures. Adjustment of the rear brakes resulted in 60% (a personal record in an Austin).

Then off to Hannah's for the Family Day. Much interest was shown in the car and we and the car had our photos in the Evening Herald.

This is the only news piece we have been able to achieve since our return until Russell Campbell, Web Producer of Classic and Sports Car took up our cause. Here are 2 links that we hope you'll enjoy.

The name of the game is to explore all opportunities for fund raising; can you help us? If you have any ideas please send us a message. Thanks a million!

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