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bespk site goes live

Posted on Friday, 29th April 2011 by Guy

Our endeavours to create the website have come to fruition and we can begin to share with you our dreams for the adventure and keep you informed about our progress.

We had hoped to have a website up and running by the New Year but unfortunately our dream did not on this occasion come true.

However our good friend Hugh Gregg (who lives in Crediton) came up trumps. His son Tim who works on website construction, was free and keen to help. We had a great deal of information already written but no website so we had the beginnings but no middle or end in sight.

Now we have the beginnings of our website and renewed enthusiasm after a very wobbly start. With Tim’s help our thoughts for a logo have become real and some of the graphics seem to work; or at least we think so.

We shall use the bespk (bringing extra to special kids) identity as the basis for our fund raising using pay pal and just giving as the mechanism to receive funds. We are in discussion with two Charities for whom we hope to raise monies through our adventure. We also hope to work with the International Charity in ensuring that a percentage of the monies raised is donated to appropriate charities within the countries through which we shall be travelling.

We have made contact with a number of organisations as we start to put the detail on the project. Without the website it has been very difficult to share our progress with the world at large.

The route is loosely planned but we are hoping for advice from anyone with knowledge or experience of our rough outline. Only this week Hugh has identified friends in Crediton with contacts in Chile and Peru and a daughter who arranges holidays/tours in Peru

So far we have made fair progress with rebuilding the car. Having started with a complete running car this is now reduced to its component parts which are cleaned and many are painted ready for reassembly. The chassis has the body replaced upon it so that I may check the details of fitting a magneto engine to a 1938 chassis. Various modifications are being made whilst this work is in ongoing including the fitting of a rear petrol tank. This will all be reported elsewhere as the petrol heads corner

For those with an interest in such matters and details.

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