News Archive - September 2012

News Update

Posted on Friday, 28th September 2012 by Eunice

This is a very brief message to you all; we have been doing some work on the Website. In our attempts to make it a little more user friendly we are adding hyperlinks to some of the places we have stopped at so you can see the...

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Overwhelming Oregon

Posted on Wednesday, 26th September 2012 by Eunice

We crossed the border into Oregon on the Astoria–Megler Bridge, the last completed structure on Highway 101 and described as the bridge to nowhere.  It is an amazing 4.1 miles long and once we were on it we wondered if we would ever...

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Wonderful Washington

Posted on Friday, 21st September 2012 by Eunice

Having fixed the car and waited for the glue to set for 24 hours, we finally left Bellingham on Wednesday 12th September. A fond farewell was made to all and it was with a sense of trepidation that we set out on...

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Three wheels on our wagon....

Posted on Saturday, 15th September 2012 by Eunice

.......and not a Cherokee in sight.  The reason for our halt outside the ferry port was simple - we had run out of petrol (gas).  Once we had filled up from the spare can we set off into Bellingham, (making the most ominous noises...

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Escaping Alaska

Posted on Monday, 3rd September 2012 by Eunice

The ferry journey (nearly 4 days) was a good chance to catch our breath, calm our nerves and try and work out what to do when we reached the terminus at Bellingham.  It was also a wonderful chance to meet up with fellow travellers, all of...

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North to Alaska

Posted on Sunday, 2nd September 2012 by Eunice

The Alaska Highway is notorious for its history, difficult terrain, areas of complete isolation and summer long road works as this is the only time they can undertake repairs.  On the plus side it is known for its beautiful scenery and...

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Amazing Edmonton

Posted on Sunday, 2nd September 2012 by Eunice

We have continued our journey in a westerly direction, with one overnight stop, not worthy of a mention, except for its awfulness.  It was therefore with great relief that we met up with Chris Bamford and his friend Jerry, who very kindly...

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