News Archive - February 2013

Perils in Peru 2

Posted on Sunday, 17th February 2013 by Eunice

As we near Lima the traffic density increases; mainly buses that race each other to the next stop, which then screech to a halt on the main carriageway regardless of other traffic.  There are endless roadside...

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Perils in Peru 1

Posted on Sunday, 17th February 2013 by Eunice

Our journey to the Ecuadorian/Peruvian border was quite exciting with some very slippery off road driving as they were upgrading the road to dual carriageway. At present the temporary road goes alongside the new road.  Heavy rain...

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Exciting Ecuador

Posted on Sunday, 3rd February 2013 by Eunice

Our flight into Quayaquil (16.01.2013) gave us an indication of just how much rain and hence flooding there had been.  Many of the fields and low lying areas around the city were waterlogged.  Being an internal flight, getting out of...

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