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Cranberry is More than Good for You

Posted on Monday, 30th July 2012 by Eunice

Hi there! It has been an action packed week;

Monday we travelled by public transport from Alexandria (a suburb of Washington DC) to Washington, paid money to the shippers (who would not release the car until all the dues were paid. By community train (the ticket seller gave us a contribution for bespk) to Baltimore. A drama packed trip by bus to the Hotel where the staff were exemplary in helping us; including changing our room and free Internet.

Tuesday Eunice is very poorly with the flu. The car is released by the shippers and we get our insurance. I walk over to bring it back to the Hotel.

Wednesday is best forgotten. Thursday we walk out and have a very enjoyable lunch at Baba Shrimp Restaurant;  the food was good.

Friday we decide to leave and the Hotel offer us our bill; there is a Japanese cartoon Convention in town. 30,000 delegates; the majority dressed as their hero/heroines. Very surreal or is that unreal? The plan is to go as far as Gettysburg, but we choose to stop only for lunch and move on to Breezewood. 150 miles.

Saturday we have planned to travel to Cranberry (north of Pittsburgh). Across country, amazing navigation, up hill and down dale.  We are very glad to have booked by the Internet. 160 miles. Very interesting supper, tasty too.

Sunday we have invited ourselves to Bob and Charlotte Brandon. River Duke had recommended that we call Bob. What a day; a real enthusiast for American Austins and Bantams. We are given a wonderful tour of Butler the home of the American Austin and the Bantam. Ultimately the home of the Jeep too. We are then invited to a 50th Wedding Anniversary. Kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness; a wonderful example of the kindness of strangers. 

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