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Escaping Alaska

Posted on Monday, 3rd September 2012 by Eunice

The ferry journey (nearly 4 days) was a good chance to catch our breath, calm our nerves and try and work out what to do when we reached the terminus at Bellingham.  It was also a wonderful chance to meet up with fellow travellers, all of whom had had amazing adventures up in the wilds of the Yukon and Alaska; many fulfilling a life times ambition.  There were many kind offers of help, support and advice in the resolution of our problem for which we are most thankful.

What little we saw of Alaska was incredible; the snow capped mountains, deep fjords teaming with wild life, small isolated but incredibly industrious  towns and wonderful peoples creating the most beautiful art works.  We were able to stop in Sitka and do the 'tour ', which was extremely informative; visit the cathedral, see salmon spawning in the rivers, take a walk through the rain forest and view many totem poles, ancient and modern, as well as other crafts as well as a chance for retail therapy.  Shame we have no room in the car!

We were also able to leave the ship at Katchekan, (yes we did finally get there), where we spent several hours drinking coffee and catching up with email; the first chance we had since leaving Inn on the Lake, as there is no signal for wi-fi or phone on the ferry, hence the long periods of silence.  Thoroughly pumped up with caffeine we decided to take a seaplane trip, which was exhilarating.  It gave us a true perspective of the interior and more of the amazing scenery.  We were also able to spot some mountain sheep and bears.

Back on board and heading towards Bellingham we spent many happy hours whale watching and were able to see hump backed whale, orca (killer whale), dolphins , bald eagles and many other seabirds.  This is certainly the best ferry trip in the world.  it was also delightful to begin to feel the warmth of the sun again.

We arrived in Bellingham in the early morning of 31st August, and having said farewell to many new friends and talked to several interested passers-by at the port, we set off to find a friend who lived in the town.  We had not gone more than 100 yards when the car came to a stop.

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