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Getting Stuffed!

Posted on Tuesday, 26th June 2012 by Eunice

The day has finally arrived and the car was safely delivered to the Transport agents;  Anstey in Bristol yesterday. Their very good team put the car to bed; one was heard to say that he'd nailed the tyres to the base of the container. Was that OK? The next time we shall see the car will (hopefully) be in Baltimore in the week starting 23rd July

Ron & Pat Hayhurst were there to wish the car (and us) bon voyage. Thanks to you both for being simply WONDERFUL!

Will Pocock from Trans Global Logistics UK (who arranged everything to do with the shipping) also came along too, which was very kind of him.

So this is the end of the beginning and the adventure starts here.

Please go to the Car heading which gives you the photo album address; all of the photos so far are to be seen there. Enjoy!

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