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Riding High

Posted on Wednesday, 18th April 2012 by Eunice


You have given up on us; yes I don’t blame you.
The last time I took the car out the suspension bottomed out.
Back to the garage, off with the springs, return to Fenix Carriages;
Peter Andrew reset them. The refitting was a bit of a drama.
All is now of a piece. Rides high and the handling is a little wayward
But it’s encouraged me to start sorting the spares and trying various ways of packing the car.

Next weekend we are off to listen to Sue Harris singing in Verdi’s Requiem at Eton College and the following weekend we are off to south Wales for Ruth’s birthday party and a family get together.

Then some more journeys to ensure that all is well.
We are beginning to sort out shipping options.

Its all beginning to happen.


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