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Testing Times!

Posted on Sunday, 20th May 2012 by Eunice

All was good until I decided to test the spares; particularly the spare four bladed fan and the poly V belt pulley that I had machined. It all looked very OK.
So off out for a little road test; the engine felt slightly rough and then suddenly there was a bang, the bonnet shook and the vibration disappeared. Pull into a layby and open the bonnet. Not good news; water is pouring out of a large gash in the radiator core. The fan and the mounting bracket are in a number of pieces. Feeling pretty stupid I call the RAC. Before long there is a familiar voice of a friend who works for the RAC ‘am I alone or do I have passengers?’ ‘Alone!’
Before long he is arrived and we are on a rigid tow bar on our way back to the workshop. Initial pain is countered with; better sort the problem out. Firstly I shan’t be taking that spare as part of our package, secondly our photo shoot on Wednesday (its Saturday and it’s the bank holiday weekend) requires action. Off to Taunton on Tuesday to Mark Rayson (Rayson’s Radiators). He drops all the jobs and I am on my way back with a repaired core before elevenses.
All was quickly reassembled, using a two bladed fan, and the photo session passes off with a break in the weather just long enough to avoid the £500 cheque from Oasis Health Care from getting wet.
Now we have to decide how to provide a long term solution to the cooling problem; a new core, an electric fan with the option of using the 2 bladed fan as a spares option. It only remains to try and fit the electric fan. Watch this space

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