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The Adventure Begins

Posted on Monday, 23rd July 2012 by Eunice

We arrived safely at Dulles Airport Washington. Its a mighty long way from the city centre. A lengthy bus ride, a trip on the metro took us to Alexandria where it was raining. Our walk seemed many miles but was about a half mile to the Hotel. We were so glad to find a room. Tiredness was suppressed a little for we had not left home by 10.00pm on our way to the airport. Dinner was hasty without being rushed. Sleep came before heads reached the pillows.

Yesterday, Sunday, we walked into the Oldtown. Brunch at Chadwick's was a wonderful recommendation from Barry Sadler. We found a wonderful Art Centre at the Old Torpedo Factory. Quite exceptional in range, medias and ideas. If nothing else the Adventure might yet be to gather together ideas for the future.

A boat trip up the Potomac River to Georgetown was fascinating. The White House, Lincoln Memorial, and a stern wheeler amongst so many images.

Today we go to Baltimore and hope to recover the car...........

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