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The Concert for the Adventure was Wonderful

Posted on Monday, 7th May 2012 by Eunice

A concert for the Car

We are extremely pleased to be able to announce that the Newton Abbot Orchestra are putting on a concert of American music at Seale Hayne on Wednesday 23rd May at 7.30 to launch the start of the Adventure.

It is very important to the Adventure to mark an Official start and also that this takes place at Seale Hayne which is part of Dame Hannah’s school in Ivybridge that has been providing care to Children with Special and additional needs and their families for many years.

Dame Hannah’s and Save the Children are the two Charities we have selected to fund raise for on this adventure.


The Concert was wonderful; you missed a very special evening if you weren’t there. The music was often very challenging but the Orchestra rose person fully to the occasion. We were reminded by Robert Young, the conductor, that we are about to set off on an adventure. Just as he and the Orchestra took us on a musical adventure that evening.

Members of the Orchestra and their friends laid on an amazing spread at half time; which was enjoyed by all.

Thanks to the Orchestra, the Audience, Seale Hayne, and many generous donators of raffle prizes (who include; PC World and Rowes Honda Plymouth, rocking beads and Robertsons Pizzeria, Tavistock) it looks likely that the evening added about £500 to the funds. Thanks to each of you who helped. 

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