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Three wheels on our wagon....

Posted on Saturday, 15th September 2012 by Eunice

.......and not a Cherokee in sight.  The reason for our halt outside the ferry port was simple - we had run out of petrol (gas).  Once we had filled up from the spare can we set off into Bellingham, (making the most ominous noises and fearful that we would come to a grinding stop at any minute), to find the home of Joyce Beelman, a friend we had met in the UK. Joyce had very kindly said we could stay at her place on our way down the west coast.  It turned out that she was still in Alaska and it took some convincing her neighbours to let us have her house key.  Once they had got over their initial surprise and doubts about these dubious English and their strange car they let us in and offered the use of their Internet as well.

Guy quickly confirmed that it was a wheel bearing that had crumbled.  We took the hub down to a local garage (Autobahn), where the owner: Keith Cox allowed us the use of his machine shop and tools as well as a loan car for as long as we needed it.  He took time out to help Guy source another wheel bearing from a local supplier.  We will  not be able to thank him enough.  Kind friends in the UK also offered help and advice and David Cohrane sent out a spare by express delivery.  Now all we could do was wait and explore Bellingham.

Eunice had contact from her nephew, who lives in Vancouver and whom we hadn't seen for 6 years. So we decided to brave the customs and go up to see him for the day - all good practise for the future.  Somewhat tricky when you a driving a loan car! It was a well worth while and let us hope it won't be another 6 years until we meet again.  We returned to Bellingham to find Joyce had arrived safely back from Alaska.

Whilst waiting for the parts we managed a trip to  Mount Baker, the snow capped volcano that sits east of Bellingham and dominates the skyline.  In the winter they have a ski to sea contest from the top of the mountain.  We thought a view of this is better than a broken car?

Being in a home and having a period of time on our hands made us both realise how much we miss the domesticity of life.  Shopping for and cooking a meal took on a real pleasure, especially having such a wide choice of foods.  With Joyce's absence her garden had got somewhat overgrown and she allowed Eunice to indulge in trying to sort it  out.  Guy was also able to help with being handyman around the house and we both hope that these small gestures go a small way in our attempt to repay her for her kindness.   It was wonderful to meet with Joyce's daughter Sarah and friends, several of whom invited us to their homes - a fantastic experience. Thanks yo'all.




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