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We are now getting ready to go

Posted on Sunday, 27th May 2012 by Eunice

RETIREMENT is usually a time to put your feet up. But for one Saltash couple their feet will be firmly pressed down – on the accelerator of a classic car as they embark on a 25,000-mile road trip to raise £1 million for children with special needs.
Eunice Kratky and Guy Butcher will drive their newly-restored 1930s Austin 7 on a mammoth trip across Canada and to Alaska before heading along the west coast of America and then down to the very end of South America.

Guy, 63, who has just retired as a consultant at Derriford Hospital said: “It sounds a bit crazy but both of us have spent our lives working with children with special or additional needs, so rather than stop work and feel depressed we decided to rebuild an Austin 7 and go on this journey.
“I have had a car like this since I was 17 so I’m ready to carry out repairs on the way but we aren’t carrying a lot of spares with us. We’ve already had quite a few offers of help. It’s not a rally so we expect it to take between a year and 18 months to complete.”
They will be setting off on their epic journey, from the Eastern Seaboard of North America going west to Alaska before turning left  to Tierra del Fuego (at the tip of South America), in July, which coincides with the 90th anniversary of the production of the first Austin 7.
Funding the costs of the trip themselves, the couple aim to raise £1 million through the organization they have established, Bringing Extra to Special Kids or
The money, which will be administered by trustees, will be split between a number of charities, including Dame Hannah Rogers Trust which provides care for children and young adults who have special or additional needs in Ivybridge and Newton Abbot. The international charity Save the Children will also benefit, as will a number of children’s charities in the countries through which they will travel.


This is based on an article in the Western Morning News and the Evening Herald May 2012. The link below should take you to the article. Probably best to copy and paste?


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