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We are off to Apply for our Visas

Posted on Thursday, 14th June 2012 by Eunice

So what does this mean? You may enter the USA using an electronic visa. This is what we had planned to do from the beginning. However it was pointed out to us that there would be a problem crossing backwards and forwards from USA into Canada. Hence we asked the American Embassy in London who advised us to apply for a non immigrant Tourist Visa. The interview was on 18th June. The whole trip depended on the visa. Anxiety!

We were both awarded Tourist Visas for 10 years; with the observation that our reason for wanting to visit the States was amongst the most original he had heard and would be shared with colleagues at the Departmental meeting.

The car is scheduled to be at the docks in Bristol on Monday 25th June. It is to be containerised (for a whole raft of reasons) delivered to Baltimore (much easier than New York or Halifax). We hope to arrive in Baltimore and set off the week starting 23rd July.

Currently we are planning to head towards Chicago, Minneapolis, Calgary Ketchican and take the RoRo ferry to Bellingham (between Vancouver and Seattle).

Just now as the excitement/tension is rising a day at a time seems like a long time.

Be there with us, for us and give a £1, tell 10 friends and get them to give a £1; who tell 10 friends each to give a £1 we'll soon make the target. Thanks!

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