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We are still here!

Posted on Sunday, 21st August 2011 by Eunice

We are both really sorry for the quietness about our progress; SORRY!However we have achieved a great deal since we last posted on the site.

The saga of the back axle is solved, the car is upon its wheels, the body is fitted to the chassis, the engine is fitted and this week sees the wiring being placed on Tuesday and Alex from Pigsty Racing is coming on Wednesday or Thursday to finish the engine.  Will we get it started this week?

Meanwhile we have doubled our fund raising total.

People from all over are being wonderfully kind and generous with their help and support.  We have a whole range of people to add to the List of Many Helpers.

We have both made a mid year resolution to try harder to keep you up to date.

Thanks to you all for your very kind words and support. We need you all!

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