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We're here, the cars here........

Posted on Wednesday, 25th July 2012 by Eunice

Yesterday ( Tues 24th July '12) the flurry of emails confirmed that the money we had paid into the Shipping Company's account was real. The insurance agent was nearly there but needed a Texas address. Why you ask as I did; a condition of the insurance. Fantastic help from Chip Wright (who'd responded to my request for help with car insurance thro' the VSCC website).

However we have both have/had a really nasty dose of the 'flu. Eunice is a few days behind me in symptoms. I left her sleeping and decided to walk to the warehouse (the Charm City Warehouse). It was only 3 miles. Took about an hour and a half. Wow man, its hot and humid. The car was in an open office out of its container; looked great.

Having checked it over its time to fire up and go; fires first time. Seemed like it was pleased to be back, I was very happy to see it too.

Oh there's a problem; you can't take it until the Shipping Company say its OK. They are at lunch. Interesting watching others work. Met a man from Colombia but he was too busy to say much.

Ah, you can go. Fire up and off we go. Don't have a clue where I'm going, tour some good and bad places in and around Baltimore. Find the Hotel because I recognise the Envy Hotel we had seen the night before whilst out walking. My attempts to park in the Hotel's car park come to nothing; Valet only parking. So join the queue; he's not much impressed but tells me I can park it under supervision. Job done!

Oh and the insurance was not in place, more questions about us, our driving experience and those penalty points that are 3 years old today.

Now we need to recover and we may set off tomorrow but its more likely to b.e Friday.

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