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West Wales Adventure

Posted on Sunday, 22nd April 2012 by Eunice


The last adventure to London was just that with the car behaving as tho’ we were in a small dingy caught by gusts of wind. The consensus was that there was not enough castor angle in the kingpins/front axle.

We duly set off to join the family for my younger sister’s special birthday.
No not the 21st but the one that for some includes a financial bonus and a bus pass.

The trip was memorable for many reasons and our arrival at St  Brides in bright sunshine was magical. A cup of tea followed by a little light greasing was going fine until a car stopped for a look. It was our friends Peter and Frances Still who were staying ½ a mile up the road. Peter has offered much sage advice including don’t do it.

He also agreed with others that the wayward behaviour sounded like a castor angle problem. Frances’s Chummy is modified and behaves in an exemplary way. So now I knew how to rectify the matter.

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