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What we've been up to this week

Posted on Saturday, 2nd July 2011 by Eunice

We have uploaded all of the photos of the car since its arrival to date which are now available on the Picassa website here:

On Sunday 3rd July Guy will travel to the National Austin 7 Rally at Beaulieu. This will allow him to catch up with old friends and hopefully spread the word about the adventure. There will be the chance to pick up some spares and the off side half of the rear axle casing.

During his recent tutorial on how to rebuild a back axle with Brian Haines, and  Ron Hayhurst  he discovered that this component is severely bent. That is the crown wheel assembly and half shafts won't fit into the casing. Hence an explanation as to why the differential carrier was broken.

This week we have painted the wings and running boards. Well Steve Watts did the painting while Eunice and Guy did the preparation. The result is very OK looking like high quality brush painting. We are keen that the car will be as good as we can ensure from a mechanical point of view the appearance good but not concourse. Wonderful!

We also have a presence on facebook and twitter, where all the latest information will be displayed. To "like" us on facebook, head to (and please tell all your friends about us!) To follow us on twitter, search for @bespk_austin7

So, as you can see it has all been go go go - but everything is really getting into gear now, and we hope to have lots more   developments for you in the very near future!
Guy and Eunice

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