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Wonderful Washington

Posted on Friday, 21st September 2012 by Eunice

Having fixed the car and waited for the glue to set for 24 hours, we finally left Bellingham on Wednesday 12th September. A fond farewell was made to all and it was with a sense of trepidation that we set out on our journey again; fingers crossed and perhaps anticipating more disasters.  The amazing route south down Chuckanut Drive soon took our minds off this as Guy thoroughly enjoyed pushing the car to its limits as the road hugged the coast.  The scenery was spectacular, with tranquil sea, offshore islands and mountain backdrops.  This was enhanced by the beginnings of autumnal (fall) tints in the leaves.  There are many oyster farms along this coast, which all add to the attractions.

Our route took us out onto Whidbey Island, from where we took the ferry back onto the mainland at Mukilteo. It was a break from the driving and a very enjoyable experience.  The drive into Seattle was busy but tolerable and we managed to make it in before the start of the rush hour. We had arranged to meet up with a friend (Lowell Miller), whom we met whilst up in Whitehorse. He had very kindly agreed to take delivery of the next consignment of oils.  He also arranged for us not only to stay in the guest suite at his condominium, (the best hotel suite in Seattle), but also to meet with his friend: Michael Craft, who is the official photographer of the Le May Car Museum in Tacoma. 

The following day we met with Michael and Lowell at the Space Needle; Seattle’s iconic landmark for a photo-shoot, before visiting the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition at the Pacific Science Park. This is a truly amazing and fantastic exhibition and combined two of Eunice’s loves; glass & gardening.  The photos are worth a whole album to themselves, so if you are interested, do have a look.  The rest of the day we explored Seattle, walking along the waterfront, visiting the Pike Street Public Market and exploring Pioneer Square.  We ate down on the waterfront, enjoying incredible fresh seafood and oysters.

After meeting Lowell for breakfast the next day we took another ferry to Bremerton, on the Olympia Peninsula, and drove north to Port Townsend, an historic seaport on the north of the Peninsula with a direct ferry links to Vancouver Island. It would have been lovely to go there, but we really need to be heading in a southerly direction.   It did help to calm our homesickness a bit as it was very reminiscent of parts of Devon and Cornwall.   The town is full of artists and quaint shops.  Good job we do not have any room for purchases!

On Saturday we drove south down Highway 101 to Gig Harbour at the recommendation of someone we spoke to in Port Townsend.  The journey itself was wonderful, lots of twisty bends and steep climbs and descents.  It is obviously a biker’s route and at times we felt like we were amongst a swarm of wasps as they all struggled to get by us.  Gig Harbour is outstandingly scenic; with its natural harbour and the back drop of Mt. Rainier.  We stayed there for two nights to catch up with various chores and laundry, before setting off to Tacoma.

On Monday 17th September, Michael had arranged to meet us at the Le May – America’s Car Museum, to introduce us to the Collection Manager- Renee Crist who showed us around the museum.  Guy was in seventh heaven.  We spent most of the day there and had a wonderful lunch with them both.  The car was photographed outside the Museum and then given the real privilege of being allowed to venture inside, having a place in the extensive workshops.  We could have stayed longer in Tacoma as there is so much to see and do.  We will definitely have to go back.  Heading off into the sunset we drove south to Chehalis where we spent the night before heading across the state border into Oregon.

So many people we have met have shown us such kindness, many of whose names we will never know, but to all of you and especially the three mentioned above, we are most grateful.

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