Our Sponsors

We are grateful to the following sponsors for their generosity and help in getting this project of the ground.


Longstone Tyres

For supplying tyres and helpful advice


Morris Lubricants

Who have listened, HELPED, and are wonderfully supportive in the Adventure


Classic Oil Supply

Agent for Morris Lubricants in North America. Special Thanks to Robert Bauer for his generous help and very wise advice.
Address: 3023 West Marshall Street Richmond, Virginia, 23230
Tel: (804) 261-4140 Email: classicoilsupply@aol.com

Coat Caddie

We are using this very clever device to help with space management; its very clever.


Autobooks Aerobooks

Tina Van Curen invited us to this amazing bookshop. We asked for many pieces of help which were given very Generously. Thanks!



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