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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Guy Butcher: ‘silly Sussex born and bred’, attended schools in Sussex before becoming an undergraduate at Guy’s Hospital, London (1966). The first Austin 7 made its appearance in 1966 and there have been numerous different old cars (mostly Austins) since then. Progress through the ranks of the Hospital Dental Services ended with a consultant appointment in Plymouth (1989). As retirement approached he met and fell in love with Eunice Kratky who encouraged him to fulfill the dream of a long distance adventure in an Austin 7. Little did she know what she was letting herself in for ………

Eunice Kratky; born and raised in Kenya of the 50’s and 60’s; educated in Kenya and the UK chose to study nursing at Great Ormond Street Hospital. A remarkable career in children's nursing, Social Services, education and the Child Development Centre, Plymouth also drew to a close about the same time as Guy’s career. The idea and practice of travel is a feature of their lives together. The possibilities for a shared big adventure seemed to hold great potential.

07-10-2012 Arriving at Michael and Candice’s for a barbeque    Michael Andrews.
Meeting with Jay Leno

Our Story

This is a story of discovery. The life lesson that the ability to achieve almost anything in this life depends on the kindness of family and friends. But more importantly it depends on the amazing kindness of strangers. The often-awesome generosity of the people who we met on the road. The people who owed us nothing but showed a kindness that was/is breathtaking and inspiring. Intriguingly, it often felt that those with the least gave the most.

All proceeds go to; Dame Hannah Rogers Trust

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