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Jenny Agutter - Guy Butchers Austin 7

The Car

I travelled to London to meet up with John Sutton (he of the Maclachlan Special) at his ‘works’; Camco Solutions in Greenwich during August of 2009. John’s original notes are in italic.


Acknowledging that John Coleman’s 1925 Chummy had broken its chassis during his epic adventure in 1959/60 the obvious choice was to either use a modified (strengthened) early chassis or a shortened later chassis.


Having received John’s document by email within a few days I sent it to a number of my Austin 7 Friends for their thoughts and comments. Within a few weeks all had replied with their interpretation of the ideal specification. Vince Leek went further and suggested he’d found a very suitable car. Following negotiations VJ 9212 arrived in the workshop during October, so the story begins.

The Build

Rebuilding and modifying a car for any long distance trip is challenging,
especially if you choose to travel without support or back-up. Undertaking
a 25,000-mile trip through the Americas would stretch the ability of any
car, especially one that was built nearly a century ago.

1936/28 Austin 7 Car Draw

We raffled our 1936/28 Austin 7 for Dame Hannah Rogers Trust on 14th December 2022 having raised more than £26k.

The lucky winner is: Matt Fowles of Dursley, Gloucestershire.


Whilst you can no longer win the car you can continue to contribute 

to our fundraising efforts on the Just Giving page

(click the Just Giving Logo to the right or Here).  

You can Gift Aid as you are solely making a donation.

Buy a Raffle ticket to have a chance to win this amazing Austin 7, just click the JustGiving Logo
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