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The Book cover Front & Back

This is the First Taster of the e-version.

Below is an example of the format of the Austin 7 Around the Americas book with the end notes.
We’ll be adding more entries over time before releasing the whole book with the included end notes.
Thus if you see a topic in the body of the text of interest; click on it; this will open a new page and take you to the endnote (and often the Wikipedia link).


Page from the eBook

20th September  The Evergreen Museum at McMinnville is where the Spruce Goose (Howard Hughes wooden flying boat) is to be found and is simply amazing. We started in the section on Space, not knowing any better. The history of rocketry leading to the race into space is told as honestly as possible. Did you know that to fulfill the rules of space travel the Astronaut has to land with the capsule? That Yuri Gagarin parachuted from his capsule when it was at 20,000 feet; this was only revealed by the Russians recently.

To see the awesome technology up close was quite fascinating. Then we walked over to the Aeronautical section. It’s all there, from replicas of the Wright Flyer, Bleriot's cross channel plane, albeit with a modern radial engine, through many of the planes that made aviation history; The Spirit of St Louis, a DC3, the ever present and beautiful Spitfire alongside a Messerschmitt  Bf109, the list is vast. But all are dwarfed by the Spruce Goose. It was and is HUGE. It has a wingspan (98m, 321ft) greater than an Airbus 380 (80m, 262ft) or a Boeing 747 (60m, 195ft). A really special day. Oh and to give some scale we took a picture of the Austin in front of the exhibition hall  

Eunice had no luck in persuading Guy to go to the water park alongside the museum, where the slide passes through a Boeing 747 (spoilsport!).  They also grow and bottle their own wine, as do many places in that area, but we could not stop there either, as there are very strong local drink drive laws. 

The pace has slackened a little for there is much to see along the coast.

By the time we left McMinnville it was raining there too, so we decided to head back towards the coast on Highway 18, as we had been told that the area between Newport and Florence was the most picturesque on the Oregon coast.  It was well worth the trip and lived up to all expectations. Fortunately the mist had lifted and it was somewhat warmer. There were so many spectacular view points, it would have been easy to spend the whole day going very little distance, so Eunice tried taking photos from the travelling car.  (It is a good job we don’t go fast and some of them were very OK).

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